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WCD2023 is the leading global dermatology congress, it will bring together experts from around the world, who will share their expertise and knowledge, and foster the development of the subspecialties, and showcase the most recent advances presented by the participating industry partners.

This significance opportunity has motivated us to plan an event that will also control its environmental, social, and economic impact, and lead the way toward more responsible actions.

What does it mean for us to act responsibly?

Thinking, planning, doing, involving, and sharing.

What drives us?

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Singapore Green Plan 2030, and the urgency of the climate change has guided us to draft the document that has become our manifesto.

Download the WCD2023 Green Policy

What follows?

We hope that these efforts will lead to actions. In order to ensure that the impact generated leaves a positive and lasting footprint, all stakeholders must be involved.

Let’s do this together!

We celebrate the 25th WCD with 25 concrete actions to make this Congress more responsible.

Download the WCD2023 Green Nudges

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