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Singapore is an island nation with a population of 5.7 million people, comprising of mostly Chinese, Malay and Indian ethnicities. It offers visitors a fascinating fusion of many cultures from East and West, and has an outstanding record of racial and religious harmony. English is the main language of communication, everyone is multi-lingual, and it is likely to be the only country in the world where the majority of the population speaks both English and their mother tongue language of Mandarin, Malay or Tamil. Singapore is an open, modern and secular democracy.

It has all the essentials of a perfect host city – a great business environment, world-class facilities and infrastructure, professional services, exclusive event venues and cool attractions, all in a rich and unique Asian setting like nowhere else. Besides a vibrant dining, arts and entertainment scene, Singapore has countless places of interests and a wide range of accommodations to suit any budget.

Useful information about Singapore

Well Connected with the World

Singapore is one of the world’s most connected countries, strategically located along the world’s major trade, shipping and aviation routes. Changi Airport – regularly ranked as the world’s best airport – serves more than 100 airlines flying to aproximately 100 countries and territories. An estimated 62 million passengers pass through our airport each year (pre-pandemic).

Singapore allows you easy connections to South-East Asian destinations where fascinating and exotic experiences await you. It is the ideal place to embark a post congress vacation!

Effective COVID-19 Pandemic Control

We have been relatively successful in managing COVID-19, there is  a very high vaccination coverage and very low mortality rate. We are continuously updating our safety measures to control the epidemic, and to make your visit smoother and safer.

We will be updating our COVID-19-related travel, health and border regulations on this website, so check back periodically.

Clean, Green and Sustainable

Singapore is also known as the Garden City, with over 50% of its area covered in greenery. With hundreds of parks, nature reserves, mangroves, tidal flats and coral reefs, it is no concrete jungle. The Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO Heritage site, and the award-winning Gardens by the Bay are especially popular.

Singapore is an eminently liveable and sustainable city, with clean air, healthy living environment, and a robust and diversified supply of water. It has strived to maintain a balance between development and conserving the environment. Successive environmental blueprints, such as the Singapore Green Plan 2030 and the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015 have set forth strategies and initiatives to achieve economic growth and a good living environment.

Efficient & Affordable Transportation

Travel within the city-state is convenient and hassle-free, and traffic jams are rare. Visitors have options to several inexpensive, safe and reliable transportation choices, including the MRT metro system, buses and taxis. This means that hotels, restaurants, cultural venues and other places of interest are all easily accessible. 

Safety & Security

You can visit Singapore with the confidence that your personal safety is in good hands. We are widely regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, with consistently low crime rates, a transparent legal system, and a reliable police force.

Wide Selection of Accommodation

We have earmarked a wide range of hotel accomodation for every budget, from mid-range to luxury hotels. Many are within walking distance of the Suntec Conference and Exhibition Centre, the venue for the 25th WCD.

Local Culture & Cuisine

The melding of our rich tapestry of cultures into a harmonious collective is arguably the country’s biggest attraction. There is also an impressive range of more than 40 different museums, there will be something to discover for every interest.

A standard greeting here “have you eaten?” indicates the importance of food in the local culture. Singapore is home to more dishes than you can eat in a lifetime – from Michelin-starred restaurants to affordable yet scrumptious meals, this is where you can taste it all. Nothing reflects the patchwork of cultures more than the food here.

Weather & Clothing

The weather is tropical, which means it is hot and humid through most of the year. It is advisable to wear light, cotton clothing. Jackets are not needed unless indicated. Fortunately all hotels, offices, shopping malls and the public transport are air-conditioned, so you would hardly feel uncomfortable. In addition, you will find sheltered walkways and pathways everywhere, protecting you from the rain and sun.

Shopping & Sightseeing

Locals and foreigners alike spend much of their free time in the myriad of malls in town, window-shopping, having drinks in cafes, or catching a movie with friends. Shopping hours are usually from 10:30 to 22:00, on Mondays to Sundays. There are some convenience stores and supermarkets operating around the clock.


The Singapore dollar is the official currency. It is made up of 100 cents and is abbreviated with the dollar sign S$, or SGD to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies.  

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