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The genesis of DSS dates back to 1960 when a group of doctors founded the Singapore Dermatological Society under the umbrella of the Singapore Medical Association. The name of the Society was later changed to the Dermatological Society of Singapore when it became an independent Society in 1972. DSS is an active member of the League of ASEAN Dermatological Societies (LADS) as well as the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS).

Membership in the Society is for doctors interested in dermatology and include both dermatologists and non-dermatologists. Amongst the founding members of DSS, there were internal medicine physicians, plastic surgeons and rheumatologists. DSS has 152 dermatologist members and 54 other members. The objectives of the society are the advancement of knowledge and practice of dermatology, promotion of research, as well as regional and international co-operation in dermatology.

DSS is very experienced in organising Continuing Medical Education (CME), conferences, seminars and workshops, an Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) and the rotating Regional Conference of Dermatology (RCD). The first RCD held in Singapore was in May 1974 and the first ASM was held on 19 May 1985. Recently, DSS organised the 22nd RCD in 2016 (1300 delegates from 39 countries), the 9th Regional Scientific Meeting of Paediatric Dermatology (RSMPD) in conjunction with the 31st ASM in 2018 (613 delegates from 27 countries).

A portion of surpluses from RCDs held in Singapore have been donated to the National Skin Centre to advance education and training. Funds were also set aside to support local research. The annual Chan Heng Leong Memorial Lecture is a highlight at the DSS ASM, and has featured outstanding local and overseas senior dermatologists and scientists.

The National Organising Committee will commit a portion of the surplus from WCD 2023 to fund further development of regional dermatology through exchange and training programmes in the region.

In addition to advancing education and training for local dermatologists and scientists, the DSS is also committed to cultivating the dermatology leaders of tomorrow, in partnership with sister organisations. Since 2007, the DSS and the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) have had a reciprocal arrangement in which two Residents from each country are sponsored to attend the other’s annual meetings. DSS also offers two scholarships each year to the Sri Lankan College of Dermatologists for their trainees to attend the ASM; and providing travel grants to the LADS for ASEAN trainees to attend the RCD.

Singapore has superb infrastructure, efficient systems, well-coordinated services, and an enthusiastic and talented team, all these set in the backdrop of a progressive open city will ensure that the 25th WCD will be a great success.

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