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ILDS’ vision of Skin Health for the World reflects a commitment to reducing global health inequalities and achieving universal access to healthcare, with a focus on skin health. This vision must be free of discrimination based on race, skin colour, religion, country, disability, age, social background, gender, and sexual orientation.

As a global leader in dermatology we represent over 200,000 dermatologists and their societies from more than 90 countries around the world. We reflect this diversity throughout our work and strive to be collaborative, representative and responsive.

We commit to working with our members and our partners in global health dermatology tobreak down discriminatory and intolerant attitudes, promote diversity in our workforce and promote equal consideration of all individuals in dermatological research, policy, practice and, where possible, in public life.

Collectively our voice is stronger and together we can bring about change. Listen. Respect. Support. Share. Educate. Advocate. Act.

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